Daniel J. Bruse, PT
Photo Daniel Bruce

I had an aging neighbor in the Salt Lake Area that was bed bound for many years due to degenerative arthritis.  After two Hip Replacement surgeries,  a Total Knee Replacement and follow-up therapy my neighbor was able to rediscover his life’s ambitions and return to working in the Temple.  The freedom my elderly friend enjoyed after his medical care became the foundation for my pursuing Physical Therapy as a profession.   After serving a LDS mission to Indiana I attended the University of Utah in the area of Pre-Med/Pre Physical Therapy.  I was accepted in the Physical Therapy program at the University of Health Sciences-The Chicago Medical School class of 1992.  It was here that I met my class mate Tony Torgerson.   Following graduation my wife and I returned to Salt Lake and worked for several years.  We began to see Salt Lake City becoming a lot like Chicago and wanted a smaller environment to raise our future children.   In 1995 I began to work for Bob Jepson and Jeff Thalman after Tony invited us down to see the area.   I am currently the Therapy Director at the Stonehenge Rehabilitation facility in Richfield and I have been involved in our Salina Out Patient office for many years. 
My wife Stephanie and I and our five children have called the Sevier Valley home ever since.  We enjoy peacefulness of our rural community.  In our view Norman Rockwell may very well have themed his many paintings after any of our area communities!  We enjoy gardening, camping, hunting, fishing, and hiking.  Perhaps more than anything else we enjoy just visiting with our neighbors and friends.